Friday, July 1, 2011

Twisted Strawberry Lemonade

Last week, David Leibovitz's blog had a delicious-looking guest post on strawberry vodka. Soon after that, TasteSpotting and FoodGawker exploded with entries showcasing different fruit-infused vodkas. Since everyone else was doing it...

Yeah, I hopped on the infused vodka train. 

Ripe strawberries smell so good! And after three days in a tightly sealed jar with said berries, the vodka smelled pretty good too. One whiff and I had visions of delicious strawberry-flavored cocktails dancing before my eyes. 

Some people say summer is all about the beach and weekend cook-outs...I say it's about the drinks. Gotta stay hydrated in the heat, you know! And what's better for the body and soul on a hot summer day than lemonade? Strawberry Lemonade. With vodka.

Twisted Strawberry Lemonade

- 2 cartons ripe strawberries, quartered
- 1 750-ml bottle of vodka
- 1 cup sugar
- 1 cup water + 4 more cups for diluting
- 1 cup lemon juice
- Ice

(1) In a large jar or other seal-able container, combine strawberries and vodka. Soak for 3 days, swirling jar every day.
(2) Strain vodka into a large pitcher filled with ice. Set aside.
(3) In a pot, heat 1 cup water and sugar until sugar is completely dissolved. Turn off heat, and let syrup cool. Then, add syrup to the pitcher.
(4) Pour remaining 4 cups water and lemon juice into the pitcher. Stir until well combined.
(5) Serve with more ice. The colder the better! 

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