Friday, July 8, 2011

Peanut Butter Cup Bars

A lot of people love chocolate and peanut butter, but my friend Emily really loves it. Like, "possibly bordering on an unhealthy addiction" kind of love. She actually refers to Reese's peanut butter cups as "crack," and goes out of her way to avoid the stuff because if there's any of it around the house, she'll keep eating and eating until she wants to puke.

OK, I know what you're thinking -- lots of people love chocolate, and pretty much everyone has at some point or another eaten so much candy that they want to die. Trust me when I say that this is different. I've seen this woman demolish a one pound, jumbo-sized Reese's peanut butter cup in 30 seconds and then reach for more. 

If peanut butter and chocolate = Emily's crack, I'm her dealer. The last time I had leftover peanut butter-chocolate cream cheese frosting, I gave her the carton and watched her eat it by the spoonful. Any time I see a new peanut butter/chocolate dessert online, I bookmark it to make for her later. And yes, I'm the one who bought her the aforementioned one pound, jumbo-sized peanut butter cups. You can call me a heartless enabler, could say that I'm a super awesome person who likes to see her friend happy.

These peanut butter cup bars are my latest attempt to make Emily happy. I missed her birthday a few weeks ago, and I felt bad just giving her a Marimekko oven mitt. So, I whipped these babies up and gave them to her when she came over for dinner tonight. They were super easy to make, and they tasted exactly like store bought peanut butter cups. Delicious! I just hope she didn't eat all of them on the way home...

Recipe can be found here, courtesy of The Brown Eyed Baker blog.


Rumana Rawat said...

Awesome recipe.. planning to make this very soon:)

Andrea the Kitchen Witch said...

You're such a good friend :) Wish I had a friend to make me these!! Guess I'll have to do it myself :)

Jay said...

woo hoo..sounds delicious..
first time your space..excellent recipe collection..
Am yur happy follower now..:)
do stop by mine sometime..
Tasty Appetite