The Author

I am, a lover of all reality and food-related television, a stress-eater, a voracious reader, and an unabashed fantasy/sci-fi dork. I love to cook, I love to eat, and I love to have other people eat what I cook!

The Other Characters

The boyfriend -- A lot of my posts will include Dan: my boyfriend, taste-tester, cream-beater, picture-chooser, and dish-washer. He's pretty great...when he's not telling me to take something out of our grocery cart because "What the hell is Adobo sauce, I thought you were making strawberry shortcake!"

The cats -- These are the furry little beasts that are currently running our lives. I love 'em, but I try to keep them as far away from my cooking as possible...they still manage to sneak into a lot of my pictures, though!

Welcome to our kitchen :)

How Did This Blog Get Started?

I started this blog during the Snowpocalypse of 2010. The blizzards shut the city down for a week, and I was marooned at home with nothing to do but study...or cook. My choice was obvious.

So yea, this blog started out as a fun way to avoid law school reading. BUT, it's become so much more than that since then. These days, my blog what I use to compile and share all my favorite recipes; it's my motivation for improving my cooking and photography skills; and it's my go-to excuse whenever Dan yells at me for exceeding our  monthly grocery budget.

Basically, I'm having a blast, and I hope you all enjoy reading this blog as much as I love writing it!

Why "Just Putzing?" 

putz  (pts)
intr.v. putzedputz·ingputz·es Slang

To behave in an idle manner; putter.
"Putzing" is the perfect word to describe what I do in the kitchen. I have zero professional training in cooking and am by no means a sophisticated culinary artist. Half the time if a recipe looks too long, I skip right over it. But, I do spend a lot of time trolling the internet for recipes, and I'm constantly testing those recipes out on my friends and family. I experiment, I sample, I putter.  

What Can You Expect From This Blog?
Everything that appears in this blog is something I (or my guest bloggers) have made, and will come with corresponding recipes. 

Baking is my first passion, so a lot of the recipes in this blog will involve some sort of baked good. I hope you, dear reader, love sweets as much as I do! 
As for real food...well, I live simply, so I cook simply. And lazily. But lately I've been trying to expand my cooking skill set because I  keeping discovering that my friends are secretly rock stars in the kitchen. Their feats in the kitchen constantly inspire  me (read: shame me) to tackle more challenging recipes.

What's Up With Your Pictures?

All pictures until March 2011 were taken with a Canon Powershot SD780 IS, a simple point-and-shoot that I cherished for years. With it, I learned about the macro setting, the benefits of flash vs. no flash, picture composition, and lighting. The Canon and I were really starting to get along, but then Dan bought me a Nikon d3100 SLR for my 25th birthday...and I was in total photography heaven. Good cameras can be life changing!

Of course, having a great camera doesn't translate into awesome, magazine-quality pictures. I'm still trying to figure out all the features on my camera, and reading a lot of food photography tips online. But, it's such a fun learning curve I can't complain. In the meantime, any encouragement or advice for my pictures is welcome!