Saturday, March 26, 2011

Shooter's Sandwich

So, miracle of miracles, this recipe was actually sent to me by Dan. Yeah. The man who thinks eating is a hassle and only sometimes gets excited for dinner if it involves dumplings and/or blueberry pie sent me a link to a sandwich. Must be one hell of a sandwich! Naturally, I had to check it out. 

OK, so what the hell is a "shooter's sandwich?" According to the article Dan sent me, it's apparently an English invention. It was originally created as a snack that a gentleman's cook would make the night before a hunt, to be eaten when the gentleman in question got hungry after a day of bloodthirsty entertainment. So, it's literally a sandwich for someone who shoots. Cool.

More specifically, the shooter's sandwich involves a hollowed out loaf of bread, lots of steak, and mushroom/shallots cooked in loads of butter. And it's delicious. Really really delicious. Steak is always wonderful, but when loaded with super buttery mushrooms and wrapped in crusty bread soaked through with meat/shroom juice...words fail me. Just try it. And if you happen to have dijon mustard on hand, use it. Trust me.

For the recipe and a wonderful slideshow of the step-by-step construction of this sandwich, click here.

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Andrea the Kitchen Witch said...

Sweet lord that looks amazing!! Beef shroom soaked bread with shallot, shut the front door, YUMMMY!

Leslie said...

Dan is a lucky man.